Jopos are taking over the world.

It all started in Finland

Jopo Bikes is the iconic bicycle brand that produces the most popular and highest selling bikes in Finland and Scandinavia. Jopo Bikes first started in the 1960’s when Eero Helkama decided to design, develop and create a stylish and functional bike that could be used by anyone. His vision and determination resulted in Jopo Bikes which is an abbreviation for “Everyone’s Bicycle”. Now, almost 50 years after his first Jopo Bike, the brand has become well known for economical and well designed bicycles that are trendy and provide a perfect transportation solution for business and pleasure.

Uptown Bike and Jopo Bikes

Jopos for everyone

The first Jopo Bike was introduced in 1965 and was created so that the model met all requirements for all riders. This first Jopo Bike did not come in different sizes or styles and it was meant to be ridden by men, women and children regardless of size or weight. Jopo Bikes were also meant to be affordable which allowed many different types of people to purchase one. It was a bike mostly designed for city riding and was a classic style that was influenced by European bicycle design being used during that time.

The first generation of Jopo Bikes included the isojopo which was a Jopo Bike designed with larger (26”) wheels, the Jopo Rodeo, which was a lower produced and rare chopper style bike, the Joponen which was the basic Jopo Bike but designed on a smaller frame for children and smaller riders, the Jopomatic which had gears, the Jopomobil which was designed to be a collapsible and foldable bike, the postijopo which was an orange version of the Jopo Bike that was used by every mailman and the kuntojopo which was an exercise model that was used in gyms and other fitness locations. There was an estimated 250,000 Jopo Bikes manufactured between 1965 and 1974 when production stopped.

The Jopo bikes you can get

Jopo Bikes began production again in 2000 after reintroducing a newly designed style and approach to their famous bicycles. Although there were changes made in the overall design, the Jopo Bike standard that was first started in 1965 is present in the new bikes available today. These bikes are very stylish, rugged and economical. The new line of Jopo Bikes includes the Jopo 20 which includes 20” wheels, the Jopo3 3 Gear which includes three gears for easier and more comfortable riding and the Jopo Electro 3 Speed which is a three speed electrically assisted bicycle with a Panasonic motor. The new Jopo Bikes have a full line of accessories and features which allow riders to customize the bike and create a true “one of a kind” riding experience.
Jopo Bikes are easily identifiable bicycles that are becoming extremely popular all over the world because of their style, strong history and proven reliability.

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