Why we love riding Electra Bikes

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Electra bikes are more than just bikes

Gone are the days when bicycles were merely functional two wheeled frames to get you from A to B. Today Electra Bikes are redefining the way people cruise the streets, combining patent worthy technology with stylish design that has captivated the hearts and imaginations of bicycle lovers worldwide. With seven base models available and countless different sub styles to choose from there truly is something for every pedaller.

Bicycle innovations implemented in Electra bikes

20 years in the making Electra Bikes are renowned for their double patented Flat Foot Technology, a pioneering design that offers riders the comfort and control of placing their feet on the ground while still in the saddle. It’s a revolutionary riding experience that has to be seen (or should I say straddled) to believe! While Flat Foot Technology now features in most of Electra’s designs, The Townie was the original bearer, its relaxed ‘pedal forward’ seating position making it an all-time favorite. Once you’ve set your heart on a Townie bike you’re spoilt for choice on specifics such as color, gears and tires.

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Not to mention a devastatingly dreamy accessories catalog. If you feel like an extra boost Electra also offer the Townie Go! a remake of the original Balloon model with pedal assist technology that will get you where you want to go – FAST!

Electra bikes’ hall of fame is huge

Also up there in the hall of fame is the Cruiser, Electra’s trademark piece which oozes classic style and seamless comfort. Featuring patented Flat Foot Technology, generous frame dimensions and lightweight design the Cruiser bicycle has earned acclaim amongst riders both young and old! Once again the decisions don’t stop at the model, Electra offering a personalized design experience that lets you customize everything from frame material right down to bell type.

Complementing the ever popular Townie and Cruiser models are further additions to the ever expanding Electra inventory. For a versatile ride look no further than the Amsterdam, what Electra refers to as ‘a modern take on the Dutch city bike’. For wheels that turn heads the Ticino is for you, its features reminiscent of retro cool from a bygone era. If you’re into fitness the Verse is a sporty model which offers cycling enthusiasts an opportunity to look sharp while they’re breaking a sweat. Of course, aesthetics don’t compromise functionality, Electra combining sports technology and their signature style to make the swishest road bike in town. The young’uns needn’t be left out of all the fun either, Electra retailing a specially designed range that will make your brood the coolest kids on the block.

And here is why we love Electra bikes

So why should you love Electra Bikes? Not only do they make the sweetest rides around but they also care about their customers, living by the philosophy that “our brand is as much about the people who ride our bikes as it is the bikes themselves”. Their appreciation and commitment to delighting their unique, creative buyers is what makes Electra Bikes stand out from the crowd and what will forever keep them the reigning leaders of all things pedal related.

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