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Nirve is focused on details

With nearly 15 years of experience, the Nirve bike manufacturing company boasts the quality and precision of a company that has been in business for over a century. Although they specialize in bikes of various styles, they are primarily known for their design and production of fashionable cruisers and city riders. Located in Huntington Beach, California, Nirve has a plethora of bicycles that are trendy, retro, and certainly unique. Nirve has established a partnership with many popular companies which has resulted in exclusive design opportunities. This company has collaborated with other name brands like John Deer, Coca-Cola, Hello Kitty, Paul Frank, and West Coast Choppers, and their promotional department even works with individuals and small companies to create custom, one of a kind advertising bicycles.

Uptown Bike - Nirve Bikes

Quality over Quantity

Nirve bike has a philosophy that incorporates creativity and quality over quantity. Although their selection may seem slightly limited compared to other major bicycle manufacturing companies, they prefer to focus on attention to detail. From ornate graphics and decals to intricate embossing and unique accessories, Nirve prides themselves in pristine design, limited production pieces, and unsurpassed quality. Their bicycles are modern, elegant, and sophisticated, to say the very least.

Their selection of women’s Nirve bikes includes ten different designs, and they also offer two addition designs for young girls. Frame size, handle bar shape, and tire circumference vary between styles. Aside from their infamous bike cruiser, Nirve also features a men’s chopper style bicycle with a frame similar to that of a motorcycle. It is an incredibly popular design that frequently sells out. Customers can also make design adjustments and minor changes to their bicycle with the readily available Nirve bike accessories. They sell individual fender kits, baskets, bells and drink holders.

Although the Nirve brand products are somewhat expensive for bicycles, their quality and exclusive designs are well worth the investment. These are the types of bicycles that will eventually become collector’s items, and their top of the line manufacturing will certainly ensure that they last that long.

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