Sewing machines go cruiser bicycles: Huffy bikes

110 years of History

The History of Huffy bikes goes back to the 19th century. In 1892, George P. Huffman, future founder of the Huffman Manufacturing Company, assisted with the production of a bicycle designed and created by the Davis Sewing Machine Company.

Little did he know that just 33 years down the road, his son, Horace, would be establishing his own company, the Huffman Manufacturing Company, which would quickly become one of the most prominent bicycle manufacturers in the country. Shortly after World War II, the nickname Huffy became a national icon, and here we are, more than 110 years after the first Huffman bicycle gears started to turn, and Huffy bicycles are still on the forefront of cycling.

Uptown Bike - The Best Huffy Bikes

The Huffy bike range

Huffy specializes in a wide variety of bicycle styles, and in recent years, they have expanded their production capabilities to include scooters, tricycles, and various thrill seeking ride-on toys for children. They produce traditional bicycles in a myriad of different categories ranging from cruisers to BMX freestyle bikes.
Huffy has a particularly attractive line of vintage bikes that boast a very traditional and classic frame. With additional features like a rear rack and attached basket, these bikes make the ideal beach cruiser. Not to mention, they are impressively charming.  Aside from vintage style bikes, Huffy offers a range of mountain bikes, for both men and women, that are specifically designed for the tumultuous terrain of trail riding. These bikes feature high quality, sturdy materials, and suspension forks for an optimum comfort for the rider.

Wanna get a Huffy?

Are you bike shopping on a budget? Perhaps you are looking for a cheap ladies bike that doesn’t sacrifice quality. Maybe you’re looking to build a collection of affordable bikes for your entire family. Regardless of the size of your shopping list or your budget, Huffy has a range of options that are perfect for everyone, and they are proud to offer a quality standard that guarantees their product.

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